A question so simple yet so lost.
A question of time, hidden behind glass walls.
A hidden truth thats hard to grasp

The world views me one way
I see another path.
They see the concrete city.
I see the flowers and grass.

My identity is far from their hands.
Im running far from their grasp
They see strength
I see fumble words
They view an easy road
Im tripping on stones

They placed a platform
Im losing my balance now.
Im too high up, afraid to fall down.

They scream my name
I cant hear them now.
Locked and hiding,
In my own mind now.

Safe from the judgements,
Of a dieing world
Lost in their eyes,
Doing what their told.

The view up here is pleasant now.
A new perception falling into place.
No longer hiding,
As they try to take my place.

Standing on the balance
Of who i am today.
Finally accepting that is my fate.
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