Searching the galaxys and the stars
I come to realize im far from lost.
When i close my eyes i see the peace
Somewhere deep inside of me.
I feel the weight of the world on my soul but within my hands the energy.
Connecting to my higher self the world i see with more clarity.

As the worlds noise slows down. I can hear the different frequencies now. To the gap i go feeling the awareness grow.

My hands are tingling now and in my forehead all around. I see an eye looking out at me now. Through the flames within the triangle space. Seeing the galaxies within. Time seems to stop again. Getting more messages now. Questions lost are somehow found.

Connected by the universal soul
Letting go of the old.
Finding my place in the galaxy now
Things are manifesting quickly now.
A secret loss but somehow found.

Picture 001 (2)


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