Safe Haven

Across the clearest oceansAre never ending viewsNothing for milesAs the door bell sings a soothing tune.Tall red bricks that lead to spelling staircases.One after another they lead to higher and higher places. As you enter each room their is something new on display.Shadows. Skeletons. A view of the bay. Some rooms are longer while others … Continue reading Safe Haven

The Attic

A place where things are storedFar from mindCollected memories covered in dustLeft behindLittle treasures hidden in the darkOver timeThe attic holds on to things we wish to not let go of at this time. Half way in and half way outNo able to let go but not willing to hold on either.So the attic it … Continue reading The Attic

Under the stars

We cascade down No gravity to save us now. Shooting pass each other Colliding with one another Landing under the stars. Before our birth we chose To be divided at the soul Missing puzzle pieces Tossed down to Earth. A perfect fit upon first glance The stars, galaxies and planets couldn't separate this romance.

Deep Waters

Diving deep I want to explore Past issues and tramas Lying flat on the oceans floor. Like buried treasure Hidden in the cold dark places Of the vast ocean of my mind No need to worry. I just need to find. The wounds open once more. The sand shifts as i collect old relics placed … Continue reading Deep Waters