War inside my mind Spinning as I try to keep it still. Checking my emotions Numbing how I feel War around me Nothing feels easy for me Life fighting each way I look Failing constantly War inside my home Each target it chooses skillfully We're losing each battle Trying not to lose hope War inside … Continue reading W.A.R


(My attempt at a list poem) I don't have the right words to say My head buried beneath the sand Feeling buried alive Flying without a plan Lost and searching for somewhere I belong Lost at which crossroad to take Trying not to lose faith Feeling alone by not lonely Putting myself last Saying yes … Continue reading Sometimes


A silenced voice. Unspoken truth. As stars we collide. With the world to view.  Candidly we smile. To each their own views. Waiting earnestly for upcoming news.  You fire back. I follow you. Words upon words. Nobody has a clue. In opposition you come forth spilling pieces of you. Lieing to yourself that no one … Continue reading UNSAID

Why me?

Why me? I say throughout my day Running in circles to my next delay Asking God for a little help Isn't this pain I go through enough? Why me? I think throughout my day Haunted by what I can't control today Falling behind as things build up God are you up there? I need your … Continue reading Why me?