Don't stand in the dark As there is broken glass inside. Don't cross where black cats wander Nothing good can be found where they lay their heads. Don't step on cracks You don't know what might become of it. Knock on wood You can't hide from it. Thirteen is an unlucky number Stay off that … Continue reading Superstition


When we collide The oceans part The mountains quake Lightening strikes the grounds On which we stand firmly apart. Knowing our place You and I can not provoke The belly of the demons That our eyes full of flames Can evoke. Step by step We carefully place The war of our fate Hinting at each … Continue reading Collide

Beautiful Chaos

No matter how much you've done The success and fame The beautiful chaos you've become It all seems to come undone A room full of laughter Replaced with a silent beat The smiles and handshakes Overcomed by self defeat The praise you hear Leads you wanting more But in lonely nights Your success and talents … Continue reading Beautiful Chaos

Winter’s Tale

The last day of winter As the frost whispers to the trees. A cold breeze replaced With much warmer things. Bare trees no longer exposed New life seems to come full circle once more. Haze and fog Replaced with morning dew. Icy frosted grass begins to sprout and spring. Birds no longer nesting amongst the … Continue reading Winter’s Tale