These embers have turned into flames Burned and storched at each end My kindness you take for foolishness My smiles for weakness A broken heart that has a distrustful nature A shattered mind that pieces a world that no longer exists. Still you provoke more. Only to be forgotten by your next move Hellfire in … Continue reading Hellfire


Waking up to repeat the same dream. Not exactly a nightmare but somewhere inbetween. Lucid enough, I see the world more clearly. No longer walking amongst the shadows in the void. I see everything in front of me. Still moments bring life Drowns out the noise all around. No longer tied between thoughts No longer … Continue reading Sleepwalking


Time stands still for no one Always moving forward never looking back It's Always on track . Only when a camera freezes it frame Does it reminenese about its days Emotions and memories rolled into one A Snapshot that someone took Not Knowing it's importance of that day Living in the moment Save it for … Continue reading Snapshot