June 4

A day just like any other The same June gloom Another year has past Yet I feel brand new One more sunrise One last horizon 33 stars falling from the sky tonight To wish happy birthday to you.


Almost like a light catching fire You stole my heart with a glance. Leaving all the pain behind Only carrying lessons from the past. The weight no longer has to last When I'm standing right beside you. PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. We both say I Do.


Sleeping to the sound of rain As light flashes white in a grey sky Blurred glitter lights glowing red and green by a familiar street light Droplets free falling down as the rain pours in. Street cars humming as everything slows Splashing water all around. The roaring voice heard above the ominous clouds Distracting from … Continue reading Fairgrounds


Like laws attrack I'm bonded to you A soul connection Red string theory I'm intertwined with you. Your heart is full of songs A symphony it provokes inside of me Paced fast or slow It's rhythm and rhyme surrounds me. Your voice is my favorite melody. Your love a song Time cannot not measure what … Continue reading Imprint