Melissa Stein

Hello! Hi, I’m Melissa. I am a writer and photographer from Los Angeles. I started my poetry in 2017 and been writing ever since. Here I will update you on current works in progress.

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If you were a love song you would be my favorite verse. MelissaSteinWrites

Sun goes down each day

The sun goes down The moon rises The stars invisible still Streetlights appearing all around Yet your still not here Shadows sweep across buildings The light still dimming Orange tint above me now My mind is spinning The world is rushing People passing me now. The stars appearing. The moonlight falls. The world a little […]

Stuck in time

The view from here is unclear Shadows covered by the smoke Finding Eden isn’t always easy when your being provoked. Still, I sit here doubting every step Wondering what got me here Was it worth what it took instead? Distractions contain me Blocking every door Looking for an answer Seems like a burden joke Stuck […]

Press of a button

You do many tasks so effortlessly Just a press of a button the world comes to me. And if I’m feeling lazy, I only need to speak. No app in the world is ever out of reach. No need for a watch. No need for the newspaper. No need for a camera It has everything. […]


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