Melissa Stein

Hello! Hi, I’m Melissa. I am a writer and photographer from Los Angeles. I started my poetry in 2017 and been writing ever since. Here I will update you on current works in progress.

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Hold on to your spark, As it turns into a flame. Hold onto your love, Let it grow every day. Hold onto your smile, Never let it fade away. Hold on to your light, Don’t let it dim or grey. Remember who you are, Every single day.

Keep Watching

I shine like a diamond Your dull as a rock No matter how much you change You can compare at all. So watch my feed What my every move Just remember to take notes Because I’m nobodies fool. Nobody wants what you left behind I don’t pick up trash That other people find.

Already done

Before you speak Your already done The question I asked you I already know It’s not your words I’m listening to Its everything that you didn’t do. You play your games I can play too Except I’m already ahead of you. So catch your breathe While your speeding up No matter what you say It…

Think differently

You think you know me Better not think Another version is catching up Leaving the old one far behind Choosing to be in the spotlight A personality for every voice I can always change it up Always leaving you a bit confused If your wondering what’s next You will lose.


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