Melissa Stein

Hello! Hi, I’m Melissa. I am a writer and photographer from Los Angeles. I started my poetry in 2017 and been writing ever since. Here I will update you on current works in progress.

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Doesn’t matter where you place me I was never going to be in one category Even my writing is all over you see just take a look at my poetry. can’t sum it up into just one thing I like to write about everything in front of me. You can tell me whatever you want…


words spoken over time when the hourglass falls flat the words spill out in the hands that misunderstand what the words were even about Still they scream and shout getting their point across for the very last time But we both know that time has come and gone, doesn’t matter what angle its coming from.…


I sit and wait for your debate mind made up Winds spun. run-ons again. Cant be undone writer’s block. not shocked predicting the next plot, plot twist, its your words against his. stuck in your head your up late again twisted words undone just like the lies that hide inside choose another disguise for another…


Can’t get out of this mode today let the papers stack on my desk push them away for another day my mind made up even if I don’t approve I don’t get to choose hopefully it will pass faster than the last So I can put the focus back on me switch the mode buried…


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