Like a clock forwarded in timeReflected back to late this timeNo way to prevent itNo way to avoidIt crashes like the wavesDrifts back to an endless seaHindsightWhy doesn't it take hold of me.


The things you once did are reflected backThe words you once yelledCome circling nowThe things you once promisedYou wish you could do somehow. The energy you once gave comes in waves.You look in the mirror but a ghost is all you see.Your shadow runs from your presenceIt no longer chases you. Your so far from … Continue reading K A R M A

Distorted Reality

Things not as they should beChasing shadows in front of meThe fog is too thick to seeThe reality I find myself presently. The cards crashing downWhat was so carefully set into place.The world upside downTake a seat and find a space. Distorted realityYou are all I've knownThe mirror doesn't reflect backThe person that is shown. … Continue reading Distorted Reality

Sooner or Later

Sooner or Later You will seeJust how great life can really beThe struggles and difficultiesLong since pastThose hard times would not last. Sooner or later You will seeEverything turned out the way it was suppose to beThe rough terrain now remains pavedA new road for you to take. Sooner or later You will findAll your … Continue reading Sooner or Later