Author Bio


Melissa Stein is an American writer from Los Angeles, CA. Born in San Bernardino, California on June 4th, 1986. She now resides in Los Angeles, California.

Melissa is a Christian that loves God, her family, a cat named mochi and anything Linkin Park. She started writing at an early age when she was just eight years old. She would escape and read on her playhouse roof while writing alternate endings or changing complete scenarios to her favorite books. This then inspired her to write her own stories. As of late, Melissa writes poems in her spare time, short stories and is working on her debut novel (Wandering).


My poems are something I did to help me through grief after the passing of Chester Bennington. I started with one poem (Smile) I wrote for him and was going to end it there but realized I had a lot of more to say. So I wrote another one and now have about 200 poems. It’s more of therapy and an outlet for life. It is now something I really enjoy doing. I hate talking about my feelings so poetry gave me the outlet to release. Like a hidden talent but always in a work in progress stage. Some poems take longer to write than other poems depending how I’m feeling. They are intended to be simple reflections of myself and life situations. Not every poem is about me some are from other perspectives.  Most of my poems are about a relationship with God and how I see life experiences. They are in a raw format. My poem style is free write.


My writing is more focused and centered on life, God, and paranormal experiences. I do not have a specific genre yet but fit into many molds making what I write next unexpected. I have many stories to tell.  My writing process for books is a bit slower than my poetry but are entertaining to read. I have many short stories in the works as well. I am currently working on edits for my debut novel (Wandering) which I hope to have out soon. 


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