Hello there, I’m Melissa! I am a writer, poet and storyteller from Los Angeles, CA. I started writing when I was eight years old. I love to read books and that is what inspired me to write stories own my own. I currently have a few short stories in the works.

My poetry I started in 2017 after the passing of Chester Bennington. I too wanted to start something, and it came in the form of poetry. That first poem led to many more about life, relationships and faith.

About My Poetry

After the loss of Chester Bennington, I like many other fans wanted to find a way to heal. I wanted to start something but didn’t really know where to begin. I began writing from thought and slowly it turned into a poem (Smile). Poetry became my way of healing through a difficult time. It gave me a way to express what I was feeling through words. I realized I had a lot more to say after my first poem.

I began to write poems about life’s struggles, about bad relationships, love and faith. Poetry became healing for me. I focused less on grammar and more on feeling. After building a collection of poems I started to share them. Realizing it was healing for other people to. I am currently working on my first collection of poetry.

About My Writing

I always loved writing as a kid. I would sit on my playhouse with a stack of books I borrowed from the school library. I loved reading Goosebumps and those books inspired me to write my own alternate endings. Those beginnings lead to create stories of my own.

My Writing tends to focus on paranormal and fantasy. When it comes to writing I prefer to write short stories. I am currently working on a few and working on edits for my debut novel (Wandering) which I hope to have out soon.

Get in touch at any of the links above if you would like to chat about writing, poetry or my latest work. I am also available for side collaborations.

Copyright 2023. Melissa Stein. All rights Reserved.

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