My head is spinning endlessly,Can't catch my breathe.There's no time to focus,As I'm running from myself. My shadow is chasing me,Disconnected from the start.But the world sees me differently,I'm haunted from the thought.   My pain and sorrow for borrow,It plays on repeat.The crowds grow bigger,They sing endlessly.They echo my lyrics, But I'm a poet masking the … Continue reading Disconnected


The light scatter of rain as it freefalls from the sky. The sun peering through by light rays as it says it's final goodbye. The smell of dew as water drops hit the earth. Watching it all from a corner bakery as the world finally slows down. Birds soaring high above calling with their mouths. … Continue reading Twilight

A World Away

My world is slowing while yours catches up. My world is distant but all you need to do is look up. Your world is fading but their is beauty all around. Our worlds are colliding as the veil is lifting now. I searched for something I thought could not be found. You look for meaning … Continue reading A World Away