Cause im faraway
Lost in the reality
Of the thoughts that come in waves
The tides getting closer

Cause I’m faraway
Soul searching isnt cutting it anymore
My soul always searches for more
As I swim through the waves
Doesn’t get me closer…

Cause I’m faraway
My emotions kept at bay all day
As I smile and pray
Empty tears fall into an endless ocean
As i get swept away
Praying God lights my way

Cause I’m faraway
From the girl I used to be
I see her reflection like the moon sees the water ocean waves
The salty taste in my mouth washes my doubts away

Cause I’m faraway
As I float waiting for the answers
A stillness overcoming me
Thoughts no longer lingering
Just listening to the seabreeze
Of all that God is preparing for me.

Causes im faraway
From where i once began
The tide slowing down
The moon lights my way
To where im suppose to be.

Cause im faraway
God is carrying my weight
As I land on safer shores

In an endless ocean of more.

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