Quote of the Day

“Praise people’s strengths and not their weaknesses. ” MSW
It’s so easy to criticize and use our words to judge others. I have a lot of people who come to me for advice and one of the things they always say is Melissa thanks for listening and not judging my situation. I try to always find solutions or keep a positive mindset when dealing with people’s trials. I always feel when people turn to me it’s because they have fear of judgement or being criticized by others. It’s not my job to judge but to love. It takes just as much energy to judge and have no solution as it is to pray for someone and looks for solutions. Choose wisely…. I tend to notice afterwards friends and family or even strangers have an immense different outlook on their situation. Maybe it’s to act or make better choices in life but instead of drowning in that fear they feel empowered by it. -Melissa

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