Small Miracles

So much against us as each day unveils,
The hopelessness in their voices,
Only increases with their doubts inside.
But God assurance is all I need.
He has shown me his vision to which I wait expectedly.

They say we can’t do it
God suggests otherwise
They say this is permanent
God says don’t give into their lies.

Tiny miracles I witness each day
God’s grace that things will turn out okay.
Giving us guidance along the way.
They said it would take years
I hear God say it’s only months away.
Don’t lose faith today.

As time reveals itself things they once said no to are already on their way.

God’s presence was silent but his actions never delayed.
Moment by moment as we continued to pray.

This endless list piles up. No one to help. God what should we do next?
Trying to focus on God’s plan can sometimes be tough.

Not knowing what’s next or if it will be okay.
Trust in the Lord is all I hear the angels say. 
For trust and worry cannot exist in the same place.

Make room for God to do his work. And let go of what can’t be controlled.
God see’s your struggles and hears your words.
Don’t steal the pen from his hand. He is writing a great work in you now.

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