Self love?

Picking up the pieces that others left behind
No value there yet but give it time.
A blurred reflection when I look at you.
Can’t even look me in the eye and say I love you.

Self sabotaging ways. A distrustful mind. Where is the little girl you left behind? Don’t you see me when i look back at you?

A beautiful and talented woman you always put out of view. The girl I’ve seen repeatedly picking up each broken piece with a sigh. Hoping to create a new image each time.

The bravest heart when it comes to love. Not knowing what will happen but she always picks her head up.

The girl who always says she is lost and confused. Not knowing what to do she is hard on herself too. Yet she manages to fill her day with living and not wasting away. Hoping to live her purpose someday.

The girl who always has something to do. A full life of love that surrounds you. Family and friends by your side too. Yet you focus on what’s missing from your life instead what’s in front of you.

The girl who smiles when she rather cry. Laughs instead when she feels buried inside. Tells herself everything will be fine. Strong enough to fight her own mind. Always creating with her purpose in mind.

But why is it when she looks at me. All she sees is the flaws that nobody sees. Picking herself apart about everything. Too afraid too say she loves herself because who would want me.

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