Your the only one I want to comfort me

When I feel the way I do

No song or joy comforts me like you.

Lost in thought with worries adding up

Buried at times

Not wanting to look up.

Forgetting that your a prayer away

When life gets the best of me.

Feeling all alone it in

I forget I have heaven backing me.

Fighting myself like I always do

My mind and heart always knows which battles to lose. Defeated again. My head lowers more than before.

Hard on myself I call out to you once more. An incomplete person I stand before you. Tears filling up the my palms of my hand. Lord, I need you.

Reminding me that your always there when I need you. Assurring me that I have your love and favor in all that I pursue. I don’t have to do this on my own when I have you.

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