Waking up to repeat the same dream.
Not exactly a nightmare but somewhere inbetween.
Lucid enough,
I see the world more clearly.
No longer walking amongst the shadows in the void.
I see everything in front of me.

Still moments bring life
Drowns out the noise all around.
No longer tied between thoughts
No longer stuck
I can breathe easier now.

No longer watching the cars in the lanes pass me by.
No longer walking in circles of the same things
No longer fighting the demons inside of me.
No longer listening to the voice in my head
No longer sleepwalking through life.
No longer feeling the need to keep up.
Walking in circles inside my own head.

No longer beating myself up about things i can’t control.
No longer holding on just want to let go.
No longer sleepwalking
I choose to be in control
No longer escaping reality

I don’t need to sleepwalk anymore.

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