My midnight in ashes

Last words we wince to speak
You get the last words
I’m burning photos at my feet
Memories erased and gone ablaze
We knew this day would come
As I walk away.

Pain in your voice
I shutter to think
Screaming in my head
At the things you once said to me.

Ashes pilling on a bare floor
Pieces of us no longer exist anymore
Hands full of ashes
My soul on fire
Flames crashes within
You don’t seem to notice again

Clinging to the small sparks
Shining through the ashes of our dead world
Destroyed by our own corrupted hands
Wondering why nothing here lasts.
Memories fading along with the past

2 responses to “My midnight in ashes”

  1. This is very very nice & relatable.
    I loved your usage of words. 🙂

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