The path

No true north Wandering but not lost In search of the right path Steps in many directions Lead to different choices Divine calling they call it I see a purpose Leading to the right moment Following my passions In a new direction this time. Not knowing which way it will go But it's what my … Continue reading The path


Searching the world for answers we already know Feeling important from strangers we don't even know Likes we seek and comments too Fans we want to connect with on a daily basis are in view Getting our validation from everything else but us Putting our thoughts and words on a platform so others can rate … Continue reading Validation

Still life

Soft sun Slight breeze A beauitful day Sitting under a canopy of trees Fresh cut grass Falling leaves A gust of wind here and there To envelope me Muted waters glisten with reflections under the sky People pickneting nearby Mountains encase me as i look from the corners of my eyes Dragonflies surround me As … Continue reading Still life