Younger self

Younger self

You have no clue

All the things I want to tell you

You don’t yet know

All the things that await for you Many trials you will overcome

Stronger than you will ever know

You will find new ways to pict yourself up as you go.

Some of the best years are yet to come. Learning lessons along the way. Leading you down the right path. You have much to look forward to

As life has a bigger purpose for you.

You have a long way to go little one. Life has not been the easiest of roads but trust that it is God’s plan. God has great things instore for you

Your relationship with Him will grow too. Picking up the pieces when ashes fell

Younger self be brave

For the best is yet to come

Don’t worry. It will be okay. Life has a way of working itself out anyway. Highs and lows along the way. Smiling with joy the rest of your days as the puzzle pieces fall into place.

A single road you walk too but it will be worth the wait in the end.

Your shy and quiet nature will vanish too

As your true self you become

A life lead by different versions of you

Lead by your life experiences.

Younger self

Take care. I don’t want to overwhelm you. Remember to take care of us their is only one of you. One day you will be in my shoes and see the beautiful life we lead.

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