You take the choices of others away Without a single thought Not intentionally but selfishly brought Focusing only on what you want Your dreams carry life while others riot. Mindless you mean well. Not thinking the choices you had yourself. Borrowing time from the choices that you consumed. From the very people that surround you. … Continue reading Choices

Deja vu

I lived this moment once before I'm certain I've said these things before Only to repeat history once more A sence of familiarity overcoming me New things becoming old Haven't I've been here a long time ago? You stand idled yet confused Time doesn't seem to repeat for you Nothing in life lends you clues … Continue reading Deja vu

Full Moon

Warm nights City lights Cars speeding by streetlights Ocean view Full moon New energy feeling in the air. Peaceful state Stars bright Glowing moon shines bright Warm breeze fills the air Bringing new possibilities. Calm space Peaceful day Feeling like me finally Full moon brings positivity.