You take the choices of others away Without a single thought Not intentionally but selfishly brought Focusing only on what you want Your dreams carry life while others riot. Mindless you mean well. Not thinking the choices you had yourself. Borrowing time from the choices that you consumed. From the very people that surround you. … Continue reading Choices

Lucid dream

A conscious state Of blurred realities Mixed within my mind There is no sense of time here It doesn't exist As I start to clue in Past, present, future here Are not a straight line Emotions are heightened As I feel the thoughts of my mind Hidden gems I've placed here Hidden from the world. … Continue reading Lucid dream


Who am I suppose to be? In this world that instructs me Telling me who I'm suppose to be Wanting to break free from this misery Of being told who I ought to be Destiny calling me one way But being pulled in another direction Endless roads that lead to nowhere I guess I will … Continue reading Enough