If these walls could talk

What would they say?

Life has become a rat race for me

Nobody wins this game as I’m told

Rushing through my life and I’m almost halfway. I’m no longer the girl I use to be. Now a woman I didn’t think I would see.

No longer wanting the same things.

A simple life is only a dream.

Life has not been an easy one for me. So many choices I had to set free. Release them like sand in my hand. Letting go of dreams I once had. Stumbling into new ones as I follow along. Searching for a place that I can call my own.

Realizing that there is so much ahead of me. But feeling trapped by my own beliefs. Hoping that it gets better with time. Nothing feeling like home as I trip on my doubts. My mind seems to shut me out.

Overanalyzing thoughts and beliefs,

Buried deep at the core of me. Rising up I block them out. Looking back once again now. Choices. Mistakes. Memories. How these things seem to conquer me.

My walls coming down painfully. Cracking from the pressure as they consume me. Only to make room for whats to come. A life without walls and room for growth.

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