So many choices that lead to many roads.

They all look familiar as I have seen this all before. Wandering in circles as I can’t make a choice. Frozen by fear of what it will result of. Thinking like the collective of what’s behind each door. Is the grass greener on either side? Should I take a chance? Let go of my pride. Or should I stand still? Wasted time. Hoping that the answers I seek will find me in time.

But standing still was never me. Always grabbing too many branches in front of me. Not knowing to what it will eventually lead.

Praying as I go that my road is blessed in front of me.

Holding on carefully to the map in my head. Trying to control each step. Life is not fair to everyone who travels this road. Easy. Rough. Unpredictable. It is to everyone that crosses its path. Distraction is its master plan. Maybe this time I will have a chance.

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