Creative Environment

Inspiration comes in many waves
Day or night
All times of the day.
From a glance to and from
Colors, thoughts, art, textures, poems and more.
Inspiration can always be explored.

Yet at times a road block intercedes
Writers block. Nothing new can be dreamed.
And so the mind must rest you see. To live ones life. Let art do the rest. Experience brings new inspiration translating it to thoughts.

Impluses become ideas at best. Creativity leads the way. Inspired by what we choose to say.. Shaping and editing becomes our way. Watching it unfold in its own creative place. Sharing it with the world another day. Building away as the world falls asleep.

Creativity sparks anytime it’s pleases.
3am as your mind feels restless. Emptying thoughts onto the pages. Pen in hand as it flows carelessly. Hoping tonight I can finally get some sleep. Wondering around notebooks impatiently. Falling fast. TIME is up. Dreaming of things when I wake up.
A creative environment is a must.

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