Hope Becomes Me

Hope Becomes me at endless thoughts of you. The world locked deep within your eyes, time simply passes by each moment I’m beside you. You don’t see yourself as I do. It’s such a shame. The endless possibilities that you will have one day.

You hide from yourself. Tired as you go on. Stop being so hard on yourself. Your doing nothing wrong. You place yourself beyond your limits. There is no looking back. But if you relax and fall. I will catch you coming down. Nothing to trouble you now.

Plant your feet on solid ground and lift your head up once again. The universe has endless possibilities unto there is no end.

Leave the past; don’t dwell there now. I watch the light grow inside of you as you take each new step forward.

Dont run to quick; pace yourself.
There is no need to rush for what you want. It belongs to you and no one else. No one can take it from you anyhow.

Look in the mirror and smile again. To view you is beautiful as you get on with your day. I will be standing right beside you no matter what comes your way.

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