Slanted Couch

Slanted couch, oh how I hate you. My back aches at the thoughts of you. I twist and turn with restless nights. Half way on and half way off. Oh slanted couch there is no comfort for me tonight.

Oh slanted couch, why do you torment me? My arm twisted under my pillow. No comfort with slanted you. Only the slanted way you present your frame. Mocking me since your ridges do not support me in any way. My body aches and groans as there is nowhere else to lay.

Oh slanted couch, you mock me still. No blankets or throws to cover your slanted ways. Waking up at all hours of the night. I think I fell off twice last night.

Slanted couch will we ever be friends? I think not. I hope you burn instead. The writer in me needs my precious sleep but not with slanted couch underneath me.

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