(My try at a persona poem from the pic of a ghost)

I miss the sound of life. Cars passing and speeding by. People interacting as they make new memories with you. Then i turn to you. Not living in the present moment but not too far forward or too far back. Constantly thinking of the next task. I wish you would look around for this life doesn’t last.

You move hastefully not knowing what way to go. Thinking and feeling all alone. Truth be told if you only known. Time moves rapidly for you. Obstacles. Errands. Distractions too. But time no longer matters when your in my shoes.

I watch over you and your daily life. You have no clue. Only glimpses of things from the corners of your eyes so i don’t scare you.
You have your suspicions. Rightfully so. Im just a string attached to your soul.

Protecting you from harm in the dark. Communicating the only form i can. Helpless at times that this doorway doesn’t last. Wishing you could hear my words.

Telling you to enjoy this life there’s potential in you. A lot of gifts and talents that you haven’t used. Don’t feel stuck when there is so much to see. Trust me i see all eternity.

You have a purpose and a service too. This world needs your gifts and your point of view. If it didn’t you would be called like I was too.

So give this life all you got. Smile with joy as the sun pours in. Hearing the cars passing as you sit with family and friends. Enjoy the time you’ll be blessed to share your gifts. And SOMEDAY we will meet again.

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