You can’t even raise your eyes to mine

Self reflected. Back in time.

Choices you made you consider mistakes

I’ve forgiven. It’s not too late.

Still your head leans too low. Where’s that self love you captured long ago?

It’s time to let go

All the things you could not control

Raise your head

It was a long time ago.

Leave the past in the past. No time for you to look back. Your passion has rekindled and yourself renewed. Isn’t that wonderful news?

Replaying thoughts on rewind. Didn’t you hear idled time is the devil’s time? Broken promises spinning in your mind. Healing over a distance of time.

Be kinder to yourself as you look back.  Forgive yourself. Don’t rewind. Don’t play back. Pick up yourself up. Look yourself in the eyes. Tell yourself things will be alright. 

Be yourself. Smile too. Your doing the best you can. You are the only you. 

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