A silenced voice. Unspoken truth. As stars we collide. With the world to view. 

Candidly we smile. To each their own views. Waiting earnestly for upcoming news. 

You fire back. I follow you. Words upon words. Nobody has a clue. In opposition you come forth spilling pieces of you. Lieing to yourself that no one knows the truth.

So here I stand alone. Putting out fires each way they come. Not forgetting what needs to be done. 

Peace I allow. Later the truth. But eventually the world will be looking towards you. 

You have a funny way of getting what you want. Does it really matter at what cost? 

So keep smiling. As I observe you. Watching at a distance until I reveal my truth. 

Puzzle pieces laying across the floor. Shapeless shades of you as the picture is getting clearer now. Only time until everyone figures it out. 



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