Update on writing

I am a little hesitate to write this as I am not sure on the dates this two novels will be finished but I do feel like I should put in the universe if I want this to be real. I am still working on ALWOP (full title will be disclosed when finished) and W. So far I have started ALWOP but took a break as I hit writers block in which direction to take with it. As of now W. seems to be on the for front in which I am wanting to get chapter down as soon as possible and put it out into the world. ALWOP is a special project to me and I know it may take more time than even I expect. As least I’m finally taking a break from doing caregiving at the moment so I can be at my desk (which I kinda miss).

My poetry is going well and I think I am doing a better job expressing myself. I am still not confident in my writing but am proud of the work I put out. I have poems completed but have not published them because they feel incomplete to me or just not exactly what I want to say. Maybe later on those ones. Occasionally, with my poems its takes me two minutes to write one. Its not super impression but its more of a free write to me which I love as it helps me not get distracted by grammar, spelling, etc.

I may be putting up excerpts, short stories of other things I have written over the years as a way to be more confident for the actual novels.    It also gives me more things to write in small doses and make big things seem little…i.e….which translates to actually finishing something. Most of the time I write…not happy with it as it is incomplete to me and then it goes in a box. Enough for now.


Lots of love and light,

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