Private Reality

Third dimension you don’t know
What goes on above you.
You get a glimpse. Is that a glitch?
Only to be told it isn’t real.

So clueless you go forth
Blinded from the distractions right in front of you
Mind controlled
Head below. Looking at devices that brainwash you.

4th dimension opening the door way
Pretend it isn’t real
No longer looking up. Don’t question the world around you.

Look normal. Follow the trends. Don’t stand out or they will be on to you.
Wasted energy. Work your life away. Empty television news.

Nothing is real. It’s all a glitch. Peak beyond the veil. They are trying to control you.

So wake up. Don’t go to sleep. Don’t say a word. A programmed nation surrounds you.

They cover it up. Nice and neat. Your not meant to know the truth.

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