Why me?

Why me?

I say throughout my day
Running in circles to my next delay
Asking God for a little help
Isn’t this pain I go through enough?

Why me?
I think throughout my day
Haunted by what I can’t control today
Falling behind as things build up
God are you up there? I need your help!

Why me?

I wonder throughout my day
If only things would get better
I’d be okay
God are you listening? Can I get some help?
I’ve gone to church isn’t that enough?

Why me

I complain throughout my day
I’m a good person. I do good deeds. Isn’t that enough to see? Why are you hiding from me?

Why me?

I scream throughout my day
God have you forgotten me?
I’m not okay.
I’m sorry for praying when things go bad
Maybe you can give me another chance?

Why me
I sigh throughtout my day
I need to be grateful. I know, okay.
Trusting you fully is hard enough. But walking by faith when you don’t answer me.

Why me

I whisper throughout my day
I trust you God no matter what happens in my day. Building my faith is no easy feat. Especially when I know your testing me.

Why me

I praise throughout my day
To have a God that gives me strength to get through my day
Yes, you know it challenges me
But thank you for knowing what’s best for me.

Why me

I worship throughout my day
God I know your close to me
Walking right beside me.
Thank you for never leaving me.

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