Head above water

Head above water
Idle still
Wandering aimlessly in a lost state
Frozen by fear to take the next step
Constant noise shatters me
DISTANT sounds that consume me
Hoping that it will eventually die down.

Another setback
Where to look now?
Distraction after distraction

No wonder I can’t be found

Stumbling and falling
My stepping stones are failing me

Head above water
My lungs caving in
Drowning from the toxins within

Lacking the energy to build myself up
Slowly fading
My time is not up
Tick tock tic tock lumes in my head
Only if I can breathe easily again

Head above water
The pain rushes in
Constantly reminding myself to take it easy again
If only things would ease up
Then I could focus on where to swim up.

Dark water it’s hard to see clear
Lungs burning as I get pulled deeper within
Choking fast on the obstacles in place
Trying hard to find a way to escape

Head above water
Your fading away
Hopefully tomorrow will be easier than today.

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