Sharp edges

You all look at me with open hands.
Wanting more and more to which I can’t understand.
With thoughts and words your demands you command
No time to rest or sleep
My mind is spinning now.

Enough isn’t enough when you asking for more
Pressure building to which I can’t ignore.
Expecting results when I have no answers.
Impatiently waiting for a things you don’t deserve.
Making me stumble as you cut me with your words. Realizing it too much for me to handle yet you still demand more.

My time is limited but you see no wrong.
All your request seem to follow along.
Head tilted down. I’m exhausted from you.
Live your life so I can live mine too.

Shattered glass piled on the wooded floor. Do you even bother to pick it up anymore? A sad nature surrounds you. As negative thoughts buried within you.

Your edges are sharp and they surely cut. But your dull blades no longer break my skin. I’d given up trying the hold this within.

Letting go of what can’t be controlled. My guard is up. You won’t let go. Fight back for what is mine. Only fate to give it time.

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