Working my way through poetry

So I just bought a book called, “How to write poetry” by Paul B. Janeczko. It has a lot of different kinds of styles of poems that I am excited to try. I don’t see myself as a poet but it is something that I like to do that is creative besides my photography. I started poetry to help me become more confident not only in my writing, but also in sharing my words with others. Its very different than photography as I am comfortable in sharing my images as my vision speaks for itself. Almost a story without words if you will. But with writing poetry in general its a different case. It is more personal and shows my thoughts and ideas that I usually tend to not express. Just like when I started photography I had insecurity and fear and so is the same case with writing. That little shrill voice…  What is my style? What is my voice? What am I trying to show the reader? What is the point?

As of right now I do not have all the answers. It is more of a journey for myself to hopefully gain insight as I continue with my poetry and later bravely put up my writing. I have already shared tons of poems below which is more like a release and just in a raw kind of free write style. They are not meant to be perfect. Yet just what flows from my head to the page. I started writing poems back in February of 2018 which is my therapy session. It calms my mind.

I think the first one was about Chester Bennington and it just kind of grew on from there. I bought a Linkin Park journal that I now keep all my poems within. Writing one after another to the point where I was like I should probably look into what I can do with poetry in other styles…which brings me back to the book. I am hoping to learn different styles and seeing what I gravitate towards. Hopefully, some good poems come out of it….even just for the hell of it.  Maybe, in between you make see some of my writing prompts from ALWOP or the other 5 manuscripts I been playing with off and on.


Lots of Love and Light,

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