A heart amongst the clouds

My heart is made from porcelain; with each new pain springs a crack so deep to bring down it’s walls.
A cut so subtle to spread very deep over years and years.
Not noticeable at first glance but to capture me unexpectedly for a later time. Weaken. Broken. Bent in time.

This porecelain hearts beats faster each time. Running it’s race. Working harder than before. But with each new beat it makes, the cracks cannot be ignored.
Thinking it’s stronger when it is not. Another crack to catch it off guard. Years of pain that mending cannot defeat. Praying it heals each time is no easy feat.
So many meanings I cannot describe. If you look too deep you might get left behind. Wandering lost memories of my own mind. Cutting the cords that once belonged to my heart. New beginnings my heart waited for some time. Piecing together what had be lost. A new perspective at any cost. Holding on for God’s promise said. This porcelain heart is beating once again. © Melissa Stein

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