The world passes you in your sleepless state.
Lost in your dreams, to forget them when you wake.
Only in your slumber do you begin to see the truth.
LIFE has a purpose and so do you.

Minutes pass by as those quickly forget their dreams. Lost inside, defeated before they even reach.
But your the exception as fate has found its way. Lost time has caught up in a big way.
View the world upside down you finally see the truth. The world has closed its eye for too long but it no longer serves you.
You hidden your power in this world and silenced its voice. But fate has released it and its about to explode.
The vision you have will reveal the truth. A world locked in silence is no longer for you.
So shine your LIGHT bright. It may hurt others eyes. But its through you that people will finally open their eyes.

Picture 001 (2)

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