Burning Bridges Mend too

There once was a red brick bridge
Along her sides the hills and fence.
Towns at her sides with flowers in bloom.
Grass bulbs grow along with dew.
Peace and joy sang in the air.
Not a problem in sight. No despair.

A man entered the land eyes a new. Wandering the towns. Gazing at her views. Pondering how he found this pecious gem. Lock away behind a fence. Only to be connected by her bridge. He fell in love all over again.

But time began to wear her down. The grass not as green the flowers looking down. Her red fading along with the towns. So he decided to burn it down.

He ignited the flame and tore her down. One last glance to watch it all burn down. Burned on both sides. No one to notice her now.

Time left an immeasurable cold. The seasons past but no one knows.

The scar that was left when her bridge was burned. Only time to relieve the hurt.

The seasons blend. She can’t be found. Theres blacken soot all around. No one to save her now.

Over time she looks up again. Through the soot grass grows again. The silence replace with birds once again. Leaving songs for her to mend.


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