Spirit Guide

I watch over you; you can not see
The things your face; you face right besides me.
Connected by the soul we will always be
Learning lessons throughout eternity.

The joy you feel; I placed within you
The peace you feel; when I tell you to be still
The pain you feel; I feel that too.
Hoping that you know you not alone; I’m here beside you.

I send you clues; did you pick them up.
Little bread crumbs to help you up.
The rainbow you see; I blessed it for you.
That feather on the ground; I blessed that too.
The butterflies you see I know scare you; so dragonflies I send to benefit you.

You cry out to God ; he instructs me
To do His will; but you want to be free.
So bread crumbs again I lead you.
Hoping that you know I don’t have all the answers too.

There lessons are hard; you want to give up
But glory is coming if you lift your head up.
Your a precious soul; so dearly loved.
I wish you could see what I see that your more than enough.

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