Lost thoughts

The vision of the future is so far from me. With distant thoughts of a world lost at sea. We hide within ourselves trying to escape the fear that society and roles placed years ago.

We wander this life with very little thread, hoping with our hearts instead. Pacing back and forth as the years past by forgotten memories. You stand for your rights but forgot your beliefs.

So feeling lost and trapped you dig a deeper hole. Placing the blame on those who didn’t know . Haunted by the reality you face, its better to run than it is to pace.

Stranded alone the future is dim. So much the world can lose again. For granted we stand and for lost in the sea. The pain thats to come for those who don’t believe.

It is true that it was said we can start again. Going home doesn’t mean the end. For those who have crossed and those who will stay. We will all meet again someday.

Picture 001 (2)

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