I watch the world from your eyes. A world in pain that can’t be disguised.

Tears flood at thoughts of me; pain of your memories.

Holding on to so little seems to calm your mind. But the truth behind your tears you can not seem to hide.

As tears stream down your face; I see them everyday.  There is nothing I can do to take them all away.

The choices I made had a consequence to pay; I sorry for the pain that life had to take.

Its hard to view the future from where you stand; but one step closer it is to begin.

For you are not alone; you never were. There is a seat right beside me for those who hurt.

I know it doesn’t feel fair to those looking up; but holding on forever wasn’t a choice I could take anymore.

So keep me in your memories, for there I would like to stay. Watching over all of you every single day.

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