At night I lie awake; trying not to make a sound.
Sleep deprived. My mind is racing now.
Wide awake. Thoughts flood through me.
I can’t make them stop. They begin to consume me.
The more I push them down; the surface they come forth,
Reminding me how things can always get worst.

So restless I stay; I try to distract myself.
Realizing I losing this battle with myself.
My mind has won and my body has lost.
And its me in the middle whose paying the cost.
Tossing and turning will only make it worse.
The more I try not to think about it; it feels like its getting worst.
So thoughtless I become; I’m afraid to think.
Hours pass by with each memory.

A  new day is beginning; I can see the sun now.
How long has it been? I didn’t sleep somehow.
I go through my day tired as can be.
Joking around that my brain won’t let me sleep.

Using music to calm my mind; only works half of the time.
So here again I lie in bed, praying tonight I’m not restless again.


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