A Single Moment


I close my eyes. It isn’t a specific emotion that makes me feel this way but this moment. Every little living piece in its own atmosphere that makes up one moment. I don’t even want to move as a small fear growing deep inside thinking it might change this single moment frozen in time. I decide to lock it away deep inside my mind and let it settle there for another time.

It entices, draws, captivates me to stay longer; calm. Rested. That to my intense surprise I want to stay and never leave. To live in this moment forever like a reoccurring dream.

As i just lay, sounds envelope me with different tonality; as if they are introducing themselves.

First, the trees with an almost glittering effect in the warm wind. The constant pushing and shoving of leaves as they invade each others personal space.

Next, the chiming wind echoing in the soaring distance. Steady and light. The birds quickly humming to each other in delight.

A new sound to be found amid this peace. Familiar to a clock that beats, as to make sure it doesn’t lose count. A slow rhythmic, calming sound.

In all its uniqueness can it be found, the lullabies of your heart is present now.

Picture 001 (2)

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