I stay up late analyzing you. It's never ready to be viewed. Perfection is a tricky thing. Its not satisfied to be complete. Always in a rewrite stage. Perfection you always get in the way. Hours of review. Perfection are you tired too? Once I think I have a grasps over you. Looking at each … Continue reading Perfection


We cluster like stars falling from the skies. In varied hues we burn bright. Witnessing the beauty of night The galaxies we shine for tonight. But in that glorious flash. We begin to dull. It doesn't last. The moment long since past. And into the dust we come again. Stardust we glimmer within. Nothing short … Continue reading Stardust


(My try at a persona poem from the pic of a ghost) I miss the sound of life. Cars passing and speeding by. People interacting as they make new memories with you. Then i turn to you. Not living in the present moment but not too far forward or too far back. Constantly thinking of … Continue reading Ghosts