Rising Sun

The darkness cannot stay for longFor when the sun returns it no longer belongsShadows are now replaced with lightStreet lamps turn off as the moon hidesThe rising sun begins a new dayAll the darkness fades awayFeelings of blessing come our wayGreeting us as we rise up today.


I am a cameraI am solid, weightedWith smooth and ruff edges. I am uninspired and neglected.I would like to be photographing all the beautiful scenes. I am connected at the soul.I dream of traveling to exotic locationsCapturing every new memory and place.I worry about not slowing down. I like for others to be inspired by … Continue reading Camera

Love story

You came to me like a supernova.So bright that it blinded me.Tethered at the universal soulConnected more than we both could have known.Our love story is intertwinedWe transcend space and timeA true companion with oceans depthsAn agape union from the startNothing that anyone could part.


We met when i was just five. I was hiding under my bed under a full moon night And here you are bones Dusty and grey. Brittle from the fight. You are the skeleton i keep in my closet Not wanting to come out. Wandering at night as i try to shut you out.

Safe Haven

Across the clearest oceansAre never ending viewsNothing for milesAs the door bell sings a soothing tune.Tall red bricks that lead to spelling staircases.One after another they lead to higher and higher places. As you enter each room their is something new on display.Shadows. Skeletons. A view of the bay. Some rooms are longer while others … Continue reading Safe Haven


Raising from above the clouds. I can see more clearly now. Dark days have come to an end. Only new beginnings on this path. A life where the rainbow never ends. It shines through as I ascend.

Stuck in my head

Thoughts linger and sway Random memories that decided to stay Locked out and deep within Can't seem to find myself again. Come and go. But don't stay long. Your judgements of me will soon fade away. To a place where they no longer exists one day.

Beside You

Beside you I standNot knowing what to expect nextFaith tremblingDays unendingSurrending God all your plans. Speech brokenWords drowned outAs I watch you coming towering down. Moment by moment you rise againEyes shifting up for a timeTrying to not let them fall back down.Beside you i stand as you shine once again.